Tim and Connie Morsher
E-mail: tmorsher@neo.rr.com

Telephone:  419-499-3003

Tim Morsher and his prize and joy, a VIOLANO- VIRTUOSA.  It is a coin operated violin/piano machine.  When it was made (1926) it was considered one of the 8 greatest inventions of the decade.

This way to Tim and Connie's Coffee Station in Milan, Ohio.

Tim Morscher's Pedigree Chart.  Follow the hyperlinks back in time.

Tim Morsher and Connie Morsher
Port Clinton, Ohio

(Max size) Photo of Aunt Anna Pesche, John, Charles, Frank, and Joshepha Morscher.

(Max size) Charles MorsherUSN from WW2.

(Max size) Johann Morscher and Julia GliebeWedding photo.

(Max size) Johann Morscher family.

(Max size) Photo of the Morscher - GliebeWedding.

(Max size) Julia Morscher holding John Morsher.

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