Here is an two person game that I wrote in the late 1980's using the old BASICA programing language.  This is a game where each opponent is trying to conquer as much of the computer screen's territory as possible, using limited amounts of fuel.   The fuel supply is dependent upon the percent of the computer screen that is occupied.

New 2021:  Now compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit Windows computers.  Runs on WinXP, Vista, Windows7, Windows8, and Windows10.
320x200 CGA version NEW VERSION!
800x600 VGA version NEW VERSION with a bigger playing field.

And here are the older versions for Computers running DOS, Win95, Wim98, WinME, and 32bit versions of WinXP:
Download both these files into the same computer directory (folder).  Launch the game by running the VAX2019.EXE file.

These older versions of the LANDGRAB game run on Win95, Win98, WinMe, WinXP, DOS, and Linux with a DOS emulator.  It will run on Windows Vista and Windows7 and higher but needs a DOS emulator, such as the free DOSBox, to do so.   I have not tried it on an Apple system.

As I wrote back in 1987:

This is a game of strategy in which two players combat each other for territory on the screen.
Each player is given 40 units of fuel at the start of each turn plus an additional unit of fuel for
each half percent of territory that the player has.  More territory means more fuel.  The person
who has the second move in the game receives an extra 3 units of fuel for two turns.  In order to
win, the screen must be "mostly filled with colored territory.  The person who has less territory
than his opponent at the end of his turn will.  Remember, you can only loose when the screen is
nearly fully taken and you are behind at the end of your turn !

In order to obtain territory, you must outline an edge in your color by moving your cursor using
the number keys. If nothing happens, press the 'num lock' key.  In order to actually draw with
The cursor, press the space bar to turn the pen on and off.  Drawing a line in the black territory
costs one unit of fuel per vertical or horizontal move.  Diagonal moves in the black territory costs
1.414 units of fuel. This value is the square root of 2.  When drawing lines in the enemy territory,
it costs 1.5 times more fuel than in the black territory.  Your turn ends when you are out of fuel.
It costs nothing to move the cursor with the pen off or to move in your own territory.  This
program will decide if a diagonal move can be connected to your territory in a non-diagonal
manner and charge you with a lower fuel consumption, if possible.

Once you have an complete outline of region with your color, you can paint it in at no cost by
simply turning off the pen and moving the cursor inside and pressing the letter 'p'.  If the outline
is not complete or if you are not inside the area that is outlined, you will be unable to paint.
Enemy territory, lines, or dots can be painted over by pressing 'p' provided that they are
completely outlined with your own color.

I hope you enjoy this simple, yet addictive game.
Arnold H. Morscher
2005, 2021

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